1980s - As a child, Michael hears the story of "The End of the Spear": the martyrdom
of five missionaries in the Ecuadoran Amazon

December 2000 - As a visitor at Christian Life Center, the Holy Spirit uses Pastor Jack
Lankhorst to prophesy the call to pastoring.

August 2002 - After many years of incubation and an actual death of the vision, God
renews the call to Ecuador.

March 2005 - After a Foursquare First Nations District Conference, God tells us that
we are called to unreached people groups, specifically to native peoples. He also
gives a name for this ministry, "Call To The Nations".

June 2007 - During a children's event at Christian Life Center, God asks through a
video: "What did you dream about doing when you were 12? Are you doing it?"
At that moment, the call to Ecuador and for Call To The Nations must be

June 21, 2007 - During a meeting with Pastor Jack, we ask for his blessing to move to
South America and to start the ministry of Call To The Nations.

August 2008 - Our prayer trip to Cuenca. We made friends, learned a lot, and listened
as God spoke.

October 6, 2008 - We receive an invitation from the National Church in Ecuador to
come plant a church in Ecuador.

May 14, 2009 - We are officially appointed as Missionary Candidates with Foursquare!

October 2009 - A second trip to Ecuador to meet with the Foursquare Leadership and
make further preparations for our move to Cuenca.

October 11, 2011 - We arrive in Cuenca, Ecuador. As the plane approaches for
landing, we fly over San Blas and feel God's call to plant a church in that location.

March 2012 - We begin a Bible study in our home, the beginnings of the church we
currently pastor.

July 2015 - After nearly four years, the door finally opens for a church building in San

July 2017 - In one of the most difficult decisions of our lives, we closed the doors of our
church to focus on a new phase of ministry. We will miss the frequent interaction with
the members of our church but know that God is moving us in a new direction.
A basic timeline of Call To The Nations