Call To The Nations
Reaching the Unreached People Groups of the World
Matthew 24:14

Call To The Nations is a ministry dedicated to reaching the
unreached people groups of the world. We are based in
the city of Cuenca in Ecuador. Cuenca is located in the
Andes Mountains about 200 miles south of the capital city of
Quito. It is approximately 8,300 feet above sea level and is the
third largest city in Ecuador with a metro area population of
about 600,000.

We are licensed ministers with The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and
have been living in Cuenca, Ecuador since October 2011. God allowed us to plant a church
in March of 2012 with the beautiful people of this city. We continued that ministry for over
five years until we felt that God asked us to
do something different. We are currently in a
transitional phase in our ministry as we continue to seek God's direction for the future. Our
current focus is personal relationships and prayer along with the development of outreach,
training, and teaching via digital media.
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