One of the most important factors in success is prayer. Here you will find our monthly prayer
calendars as well as information on becoming a Prayer Partner so that you can partner with
. Let me relate a story.

One night a well-known evangelist had a dream. In it, he was in heaven standing in a long line
of people waiting to receive the crowns specially prepared for them. All of the crowns were
evangelist thought to himself, "Surely that crown must be for me. After all, haven't I led
thousands upon thousands to the Lord?" As he was thinking this,
his name was called. He stepped forward and was given a smaller,
yet obviously beautiful crown. He was disappointed and extremely
puzzled. As he was still struggling with this, a little old lady stepped
forward to receive the giant crown the evangelist had been eyeing.
Unable to contain his confusion and frustration, he asked the angel,
"I am a famous evangelist and I have led thousands of people to the Lord. Who is this woman
that she should receive that crown?" The angel replied, "This is the woman who faithfully
prayed for you."

Our Prayer Partners are people who have agreed to pray for this ministry and who are willing
to be contacted regarding important needs. As a Prayer Partner, you will receive a monthly
email containing a more urgent prayer request. If this is something you are willing to do,
please submit the form on the
Contact Us page and check the box titled "Yes! I want to be a
Prayer Partner".
Monthly Prayer Calendars